Why We Do
Point-Of-Purchase Display?

A point-of-purchase or POP display is marketing material or product advertiser that is placed next to the merchandise it is promoting. These product display are generally located in the checkout area or other location where the purchase decision is made.

Today, you can customize your own product rack, product stand, product display or even exhibition display to captivate more visitors, catch more eyes and eventually, attracting more potential customers.

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Did you know? 

An estimated 70% of purchase decisions are made within the retail store itself.


Display Your Brand Proudly—With PopBox Display!

In today’s competitive marketplace, almost every business are looking for every way possible to help their product stand apart and being noticed among the crowded retail stores. From large retailers to small ones or one-of-a-kind specialty services, almost every business should take advantage of Point-of-Purchase Displays.

Not only to persuade shoppers and visitors, your POP Display can lead to brand awareness and drive sales at the same time.

POP Displays can take various forms and sizes. At PopBox Display, we cater and provide various style of POP Display that you can think of. Including shelf-mounted signs, pillars, A-shaped stands and more.

An effective POP Display WILL have a dramatic impact on your sales, increase notifications among the crowds and draws more interest.

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