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PopBox Display specialized in producing custom trade show displays, pop up displays and portable standee. Be it for exhibition show, promotion, information display or gallery information—that's what standees are made for!

The lightweight display, steady shape & firm standing makes it more reliable than ordinary bunting. Rest assure that it won't fold off or fly around like a standard banner! Perfect for displaying the latest promotions and information intended to communicate to customers—like a PRO!

Standee is different from normal bunting or roll up bunting or banner.

life-sized standee display

Display Your Standee Anywhere—In Any Shape

Customize your own Standee to attract more customers! Stand out with unique and rare life-sized cutouts or shelf; specially made for your brand & products. This will ensure visibility & grabbed more attention to your item!

Be it a huge Standee for floor display with shelves or without, or mini Standee for counter display, sizes doesn't matter when it comes to informative display. Communicate with your customers all the way—anywhere!

Customize Your Standee Today!

standee display with cutting shape
simple rectangle standee display
fanta bottle life-sized standee display

Match Your Product & Your Standee Display

Standee display is designed to show maximum information about the product and company. It would be a total attention grabber if your standee matches your products concept. You can customize your own standee product rack, standee stand or even a life-sized cutouts of your product for exhibition display to capture more visitors and eventually, attract more potential customers!

PopBox Display makes it possible for YOU to produce YOUR OWN standee display without breaking the budget. We cater every request, every sizes & do our best to make sure your product or design will be in great display. For more information and details about the types of counter-top display or floor displays that are available on PopBox Display to present your products, contact us today!

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